A draft to unlock the Mbappé case and Luis Enrique’s approval


A week after Paris Saint-Germain decided to remove Mbappe from the tour of Japan and Luis Enrique left him on the bench in the first game of the preseason against Le Havre, the chances of the player leaving are greater. Progress, slow but considerable, brings Mbappé closer to Real Madrid. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s pressure measures are ineffective.

Qatar’s strategy to put Barcelona in a bid with other European clubs has no effect, there is a rush, and the player’s stance could be more flexible. Mbappé again communicates that he does not renew. Luis Enrique’s stance is key. Seeing the conflict from the inside, the coach gives free rein to the sale and does not have the French star.

Luis Enrique arrived as a spectator; in his presentation, he put himself in profile with the issue of Mbappé, accepted that it was a problem that the club and the player had to solve and prioritized discussing the construction of a team.

He aligned himself with President Al-Khelaïfi in the message that no player has to be above the club. In this way, he started training, left Mbappé on the bench in the match before the tour and did not mind that he stayed in Paris.

Al-Khelaïfi and Florentino in the box of the Parc des Princes.

The market is advancing, and Luis Enrique is in a hurry to close the template. It favours resolving this enormously significant conflict as quickly as possible. He checks that the footballer does not change his mind, making him see that it can be a problem if he stays.

Any reference to Mbappé is looked at with a magnifying glass; the statements of the president of the Union of Players of French Players and those of the mayor of Paris asking for respect for Mbappé bother the coach.

Luis Enrique wants to plan and close the signings, the departures and for that, he needs to unlock the case of Mbappé. This haste causes Nasser Al-Khelaïfi to accept meetings with Fayza Lamari, Mbappé’s mother and agent, and Real Madrid intermediaries.

PSG is no longer so firm in its stance of vetoing Real Madrid. He needs a sale and assumes that he has to negotiate despite his suspicions that the player has an agreement to go free to Real Madrid within a year.

The three parties consider that they have to give in their positions, which is already a serious advance. Until an agreement is reached, many figures still have to be balanced. The PSG begins to fit that the transfer is closed at 230 million euros. A figure that would exceed the 222 million he paid Barcelona for Neymar and would look like a triumph.

Mbappé has the upper hand and finds it difficult to give up his contract until 2024. He wants to be one more year in Paris, has rejected a super millionaire contract at the Saudi Al Hilal and transfers that his only option to leave is Real Madrid.

To find common ground, a draft is launched. It is essential to activate the negotiation so that in the termination of the contract, the money that will be collected from PSG and Mbappé of Real Madrid is discussed.

The 230 million euros is the figure shuffled to close the signing of Mbappé by Real Madrid. It is an operation of much wear, with PSG, Mbappé and Real Madrid wanting to assert their interests, but with advances that bring positions closer. PSG is increasingly clear that the player can fulfil the contract and go free if there is no agreement.

Luis Enrique is uncomfortable and needs signings. Mbappé resists, but he wants to play, and if he does not give in, he is threatened to stay in the stands. Real Madrid is the least hurried and seeks to lower the price.

Luis Enrique wants to make a team that is competitive, with a clear idea of collective play, but he needs a striker. He wants a goal, and the market enters a hot phase where there are more clubs pursuing the same objectives. PSG is in contention for two strikers.

One is Harry Kane, and he has Bayern Munich as his rival. The other is the young Dane Rasmus Hojlund (20 years old), who also wants Manchester United. There have been contacts with Vlahovic. PSG wants to strengthen the attacking line and the list of players that interest is Barça Ousmane Dembélé. All these operations are contingent on what happens with Mbappé.

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