Google will notify you if your number or personal information appears in searches.


Google has announced multiple privacy improvements so that we have greater control over the information that appears in the North American company‘s search engine. Google will be able to notify us from now on whenever some personal information such as our email, telephone number, or even our home address appears in a new search engine result. An important novelty that will allow greater privacy to all who wish to do so.

What other innovations has Google included?

 The aforementioned ‘Results about me’ will inform us about our presence in the search engine. An outstanding novelty, but it has yet to be available globally. In addition, a more secure search filter will blur explicit images with adult or violent content that may end up appearing in a search. This filter can be disabled, but it is another option to make Google safer for many people. Finally, the North American company is going to add greater facilities to delete any personal information through simpler forms that make this task much more bearable.

Google and greater personal security

Outstanding innovations are those presented by Google, and that is that the North American company seems to be increasingly aware of the security of its users, making available a significant number of options to control all the personal information they receive in a much more secure and stable way. It can appear in the most important search engine on the Internet. The world of information is growing by leaps and bounds. At a time when many people feel that they are increasingly exposed, movements and options are emerging that allow privacy to be restored in an internet world where everything seems possible. Anyone can end up having some exposure.

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