How to activate X (Twitter) monetization, how much it pays and examples of charges


Follow the Twitter news carousel. To the change of name and logo of the platform, now called X, and to the appearance of functions such as the option to hide the blue check of Twitter Blue , now a new monetization system is added that allows us to earn money by placing ads in our responses . Until now we could generate income thanks to subscriptions (something like a Patreon program that allowed our followers to donate a small amount in gratitude for the content we make), but from now on we can also bill Elon Musk himself.

This “ ad revenue share ” allows us to take a proportional part of the money that X has generated by advertising the responses to our posts. In other words, it depends to a large extent on the interactions and the community around us. But of course, not everyone can activate it and not everyone will earn the same. Let’s see the requirements and the first billing examples.

How to Activate monetization in X ( Twitter ) ?

To activate the new X income system (in our hearts it will always be Twitter) all you have to do is enter the social network, click on the icon with the three ellipsis next to the one that says “More options” and from there you have to go to the “Monetization” section. If once inside you click on ” Ad revenue share ” you will see the necessary requirements to start earning money. The requirements to activate monetization are the following:

  • Subscribe to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations
  • Get at least 15 million impressions on your posts within the last 3 months
  • To be over 18 years old
  • Have a Twitter account that is at least three months old and recently active
  • Fill in the name, bio, profile image and header
  • Activate two-step verification and validate your email account
  • Accept the terms and conditions of use of Twitter

How much is earned in X with monetization?

For now, Twitter (X, sorry) has not ruled on how it distributes or calculates the money that corresponds to each person, nor has it shown us any type of salary table. That does not mean that several users of the platform have already shared their first income so that others can compare and make their own accounts.

To give a few examples, Pol Turrents , with a million and a half followers, has earned 174 euros in the month of July thanks to the 44 million impressions his tweets had. Savage , an SEO star with half a million of them, has brought in $104 , though he doesn’t specify in what time frame. And with slightly more humble numbers is Brais Moure , with two hundred thousand followers, who in just “a couple of days” has made 57 euros . With so many factors to analyze, comparing is not going to be easy.

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