K-dramas to premiere in August 2023


Korean entertainment does not stop and, hand in hand with giants like Netflix and more platforms, new k-dramas arrive for August 2023 . If yours is horror or you prefer a romantic comedy, don’t worry, this month you can choose between different genres of k-dramas. 

Find out below the official release dates, the plots and the actors involved.


Also known as ‘Zombieverse’ , this Korean series presents a terrifyingly realistic version of apocalyptic Seoul, as in order to survive, participants must find their own food, transportation and shelter, while facing complex challenges to stay in the game.

  • Premiere: Tuesday, August 8
  • Channel: Netflix
  • Actors: Yoo Hee Kwan, Lee Si Young, Park Nae Rae, Ro Hong Chul, DinDin, Tsuki, and more

‘The killing vote’

The k-drama ‘The killing vote’ is based on a webtoon of the same name. This is the story of an anonymous figure popularly known as ‘Dog mask’, translated into Spanish as dog mask. Precisely this character presents a national vote to sentence the most dangerous criminals to death; that is, if more than 50% of the population agrees, ‘Dog mask’ will proceed to carry out a murder in the name of justice.

  • Premiere: Thursday, August 10
  • Channel: SBS
  • Actors: Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Lim Ji Yeon

‘With special touch’

Ye Bun in ‘With Special Tact’ is a veterinarian who receives the gift of reading minds after being struck by a shooting star while attending to the birth of a cow. When Jang Yeol, the new town detective, discovers Ye Bun’s new ability, he recruits her to help him solve her cases. However, the protagonist’s gift only works if she touches the butt of an animal or a person.

  • Premiere: Saturday August 12
  • Channel: Netflix
  • Actors: Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, EXO’s Suho, and more

‘The masked girl’

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the Korean series ‘The Masked Girl’ features Kim Mo Mi, a self-conscious office worker who becomes a celebrity on the networks at night. However, this second activity she performs using a mask to cover her identity. Her life will change radically after an unexpected discovery compromises her anonymity.

  • Premiere: Saturday August 18
  • Channel: Netflix
  • Actors: Go Hyun Jung, Ahn Jae Hong, Yeom Hye Ran, Nana, and more

‘My lovely boxer’

Kim Tae Young is a ruthless sports agent who earns huge sums of money through his clients. One of them is Lee Kwon Sook, a boxer far from the ring that the prestigious representative must bring back.

  • Premiere: Monday August 21
  • Channel: KBS
  • Actors: Lee Sang Yeob, Kim So Hye, Kim Jin Woo, Park Ji Hwan, and more

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