“Mijatovic’s Prediction for Mbappe’s Next Club on ‘El Larguero'”


Real Madrid, although they had plenty of chances to ‘make up’ the result, left serious doubts after losing 3-0 in the first ‘Clasico’ of the season. The Montenegrin ex-footballer Predrag Mijatovic has analyzed in ‘El Larguero’ the preseason that the white team is doing and the meeting that was lived at the AT&T Stadium: 

“The preseasons serve to prepare for what comes next. Surely there will be games where things are different thanas the coaches and players want. This month serves to adjust things, prepare well physically, and, above all and then work on tactical and technical details. I wouldn’t worry about the ‘Clasico’ match; the important thing comes later.”Although the final score reflected a thrashing by Xavi Hernández’s team, Ancelotti’s team created clear scoring chances. 

They crashed the ball five times against the crossbar. Vinicius missed the penalty decreed by the referee, so in the absence of success, the Madridistas wonder if a ‘nine’ is needed for next season: “Real Madrid arrives very clearly, right now the ball does not enter as we would all like, but that means that Maybe when the competitions start, they will all enter. 

Madrid has a good team, the typical ‘9’ may be missing, but with Rodrygo changing the position to centre forward, Real Madrid should not be worried. In such a year of transition, the club has to be calm.” 

The former player thinks that “the departure of Benzema will be noticed because I see that nobody is going to come, but if in the end Mbappé comes, it would be a very positive thing for Real Madrid” and that “you have to think about starting the season without Mbappé, because you never know what is going to happen, the month of August is going to be very long in this aspect. “

Ancelotti tests new schemes in a “year of transition”

The Italian coach, after the departure of the French player to Al-Ittihad, is trying to play with a 4-4-2 in rhombus with Bellingham in midfield and Vinicius and Rodrygo as offensive references: “Now not having a ‘9’ like Benzema who gets you 35 goals or more, because maybe some change we will see. 

Ancelotti has a lot of experience, and according to the current Real Madrid players, he will bring something new. We’re going to let him experiment now with preseason, and then, with my confidence in him, he won’t make any mistakes, and he’ll choose the best tactical scheme that suits those players without any doubt.”

After a decade in which Real Madrid has dominated in all competitions, especially in the Champions League, it is expected that a year comes when Madrid will have a competitive team but not win the Champions League. 

I understand, Romero that Real Madrid has no transition year. Still, we usually, who are very involved in this business, know that there will surely come a year when there may not be one or two figures as in other seasons, “explains Montenegrin. 

He also assures that “next year will be very important for Real Madrid because of the new stadium and the players on the market.”

Will Mbappé come to Real Madrid this summer?

Kylian Mbappé is still the soap opera of the summer. The French star is closer than ever to becoming a Real Madrid player since PSG removed him from preseason and declared him transferable, although Mijatovic is quite clear about the attacker’s future: “He will indeed mark the next steps. 

If you decide to go out and give up everything you would receive next year at a particular time during August, a door may open. From what I know, the situation is quite clear; he stays one more year and next year, when his contract ends, he will arrive at Real Madrid. 

In football, you never know; maybe during next season at PSG, if they play well, they will renew. As the situation is right now, I see him playing at Paris Saint-Germain next year and not at Real Madrid.”

Given what he has seen in recent years, he would not be surprised if he ended up renewing again with the French team: “For a long time, I have stopped surprising certain things in the world of football.

Things were much more straightforward 15 or 20 years ago, but right now, I am unsurprised by all the madness of contracts and the possibilities of charging a lot of money.

If the kid decides to come to Real Madrid, he will be right because it can give him a different dimension. He will also have to play with the pressure he will receive because it is not easy to spend a year at a club where you may be uncomfortable.”

Luka Modric, preseason substitute

After renewing for one more season with Real Madrid, Luka Modric is not starting this preseason, so what plans Carlo Ancelotti has with him is still being determined. “I know Modric very well, and he has decided to stay for a year because he knows he still has much football to offer us. 

He cannot assume and does not want not to be a starter. He’s going to fight and train to play. He has a lot of confidence in the coach; he knows that Ancelotti will look at who is better now because, at Real Madrid, nobody can tell you who has to play or who doesn’t. 

He will have to care for himself a little more with his age, but if he has decided to stay, it is to play. We will see what happens during the year, although he will not assume to be one more, “says Predrag Mijatovic, one of the people who knows the Croatian footballer best.

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