On Kylian Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid, Manu Sainz said, “If there was any doubt, this decision is final.”


Kylian Mbappé’s name reverberates louder every day. The uncertainty about what the French striker will do next season keeps the football world on tenterhooks. Arabia has been the latest destination that has sounded for the attacker of Bondy.

Specifically, it has been done by Al-Hilal, one of the most potent teams in the region. Players like Koulibaly, Rubén Neves or Milinkovic Savic have already set the course for that team.

On Wednesday morning, the French media ‘L’Équipe’ reported that, taking advantage of his stay in Paris, the Arab club was trying to convince Mbappé to head to Arabia. The prestigious French media has announced that Al-Hilal offered 300 million to PSG for the transfer and another 200 million only for Mbappé as a salary.

Hours later, the media mentioned above assured that the French striker had utterly ruled out the option of Arab football, so Kylian will not head to Al-Hilal. Manu Sainz, Andrés Onrubia and Javier Herráez analyze in ‘El Larguero’ the last hour of the “Mbappé case”.

Arabia, a bridge for Real Madrid?

Andrés Onrubia: “Bridge for PSG, it would have been a relief to receive 300 million, but I think it was obvious that I would reject it. PSG has been desperately looking to make Mbappé move, but Mbappé has not wanted to listen to the offer. PSG have tried to put mines in Kylian’s way to step on one, but “He does not flinch. It’s Mbappe who has the upper hand.”

avier Herráez: “Madrid knows what there is; they know perfectly what PSG do and what Mbappe wants. They don’t want to sell it to Madrid. The footballer wants to go to Real Madrid but has a contract with PSG.

If it is possible to disengage from the club, the operation will be made safe. I think it’s a long-term operation how Mbappé will go to Arabia being the best player in the world. As much as he loves money, that won’t happen.”

Manu Sainz: “Contacts exist and have existed with Arabia. They were in contact with Mbappe’s entourage for days. The proposal was for 400 million for two years to go to Al-Hilal. The initial response from his environment is that the player was not very much for the work of going to Arabia. Still, maybe if it was a significant economic offer, he could be convinced. I think Mbappe had no interest; it was more his environment.”

How much does the “No” to Arabia get to Real Madrid?

Manu Sainz: “It brings him closer. If there is any doubt, this decision is final. He has no choice but to go to Real Madrid. The “Benzema case” has accelerated everything for Mbappé to decide to come this year. All the way leads to Mbappé arriving this summer at Real Madrid. From next week it will accelerate; nobody is interested in extending this. Real Madrid will want to have everything solved at the return of the preseason to start La Liga with Mbappé. Mbappe’s decision not to listen to Arabia is significant.”

The most expensive signing in history

Manu Sainz: “The transfer price will be at least one million more than Neymar’s cost to make him the most expensive signing in history; regarding marketing, that suits Real Madrid because it would have the most exclusive jewel. PSG is waiting to see if it looks like another team other than Real Madrid because they don’t want to sell it.

Real Madrid is playing a bit to give Real Madrid a hard time. Times are key. Madrid may think they are now on tour and do not want to divert attention. If Madrid signs him this year, he begins to amortize it from now on with advertising contracts. Strategically, he is interested in closing it this year. Mbappe wants to play for Real Madrid, and he wants to do it now.”

Javier Herráez: “There is an argument that for me is capital. A team wants to sell, and a player wants to leave, but Paris Saint-Germain does not want to sell Real Madrid, so I think the operation will take longer.”

Andrés Onrubia: “The club leaks that if an offer comes from Real Madrid, it will accept it. They must sell him because he’s going for free next year.”

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