Rajasthan: 14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead, Burnt in Brick Kiln, Police Investigating


In Narshinghpura village, Bhilwara district, Rajasthan, the charred remains of a body, suspected to be that of a 14-year-old girl who had gone missing, were discovered in a kiln on Wednesday night, August 2.

According to Adarsh Sidhu, the Superintendent of Police in Bhilwara, the Kotri Police received information that villagers had found the burnt body of the missing girl while she was allegedly grazing goats in the area. The incident occurred earlier on the same day.

The girl’s belongings, like her slippers and bangles, were found near the burning kiln, the police said. Prima facie, she was murdered before being burnt, they added.

In connection with the case, four individuals have been identified as possible suspects, and three have been detained for questioning.

The kiln where the remains were found.

SP Sidhu mentioned that they are not ruling out the possibility of gang rape. Still, conclusive evidence will only be determined after obtaining DNA and forensic results.

Suspicious, the search party went to the burning kiln where they found a pair of the victim’s slippers. They also found remains of bones as well as bangles that supposedly belonged to her.

As per the girl’s older brother, she had left their home in Narshinghpura village around 8 am on Wednesday to graze the goats in a nearby forest. However, by 3 pm, she had not returned, causing worry among her family. They started searching for her but couldn’t find her until 7 pm. Later, at around 8 pm, they noticed a burnt kiln in the vicinity. Upon closer inspection, they found the remains of the girl’s body. The villagers’ statements led to identifying four potential suspects, three currently being interrogated.

Following the discovery, a large crowd gathered at the crime scene, with some vowing not to leave until the culprits were arrested. Bhilwara District Collector Ashish Modi, Ajmer Range IG Lata Manoj Kumar, and various police and administrative officials were at the location. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to bring justice to the victim and her family.

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