Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation Announces Plans to Build Educational Institution in Ajmer


The Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation, a non-profit organization inspired by the life and work of Salahuddin Ayyubi, the great Muslim warrior and ruler, is proud to announce its monumental mission to establish an iconic educational institution in Ajmer, Rajasthan, akin to the renowned Aligarh Muslim University.

This endeavor stems from a deep-rooted commitment to education, empowerment, and fostering unity, encapsulating the rich legacy of its namesake, Salahuddin Ayyubi.

The foundation draws its inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Salahuddin Ayyubi, who was known for his unwavering commitment to justice, tolerance, and unity. The foundation’s origin lies in the shared vision of a group of dedicated individuals who recognized the transformative power of education and its ability to shape a better world.

The founder of the foundation, Mohammad Rais Khatri, envisioned a world where education transcends boundaries, unites communities, and empowers individuals to lead with integrity. Mohammad Rais Khatri’s mission was to establish an institution that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures values, fostering leaders who positively impact society.

As the world grapples with myriad challenges, the need for educational institutions that prioritize holistic growth and inclusivity becomes ever more crucial. The Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation recognizes the untapped potential within communities, particularly in Ajmer, to thrive through quality education and guidance. The envisioned institution seeks to provide a transformative platform for students from diverse backgrounds to cultivate their talents, contribute to nation-building, and champion positive change.

At the heart of the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation’s mission lies its visionary project—an educational institution that echoes the magnificence of Aligarh Muslim University. This institution is poised to be a haven of intellectual curiosity, a hub of cutting-edge research, and a bastion of cultural understanding. The curriculum will be designed to empower students with knowledge and skills that transcend academic boundaries, fostering their holistic growth.

The new institution will offer a wide range of academic programs, including Schooling, undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. It will also have a strong focus on research and innovation.

“We believe that education is the key to a better future for all,” said Mohammad Rais Khatri, founder and chairman of the SAF. “This institution will provide a world-class education to students from all backgrounds, regardless of their religion or caste.”

Need for Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation

The need for the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation is great. In India, there is a significant gap in educational opportunities between different social groups. Children from marginalized communities are often denied access to quality education, which limits their chances of success in life.

The SAF’s educational institution will help to bridge this gap by providing a world-class education to students from all backgrounds. The institution will also have a strong focus on research and innovation, which will help to create a more knowledge-based economy in India.

The SAF is committed to making education accessible to all, regardless of their religion or caste. The foundation’s new institution will be a beacon of hope for many young people who dream of a better future.

To bring this transformative vision to life, the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation has initiated a fundraising campaign on both the Give India platform and its official website. This campaign invites patrons of education, philanthropists, and organizations to be part of this grand endeavor. By contributing to the campaign, supporters directly contribute to shaping the future of education, thereby creating a legacy that will endure for generations.

The foundation extends an open invitation to individuals and organizations worldwide who share its commitment to education and empowerment. For international patrons who wish to contribute, direct communication with the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation is encouraged. This seamless connection ensures that global allies can join hands in this noble mission.

The Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation calls upon society at large to rally behind this remarkable initiative. Together, we can transcend challenges, bridge gaps, and unlock the potential within every individual. By contributing to the foundation’s cause, supporters become architects of transformation, shaping the destinies of communities and fostering a brighter future for all.

To learn more about the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation and how to contribute, please visit or Give India Fundraising Platform.

Together, we can build a better future for all.

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