The reason why PSG must sell Mbappé before the start of August


The board of Paris-Saint Germain have defined their position regarding the contractual situation of their player Kylian Mbappé; the 24-year-old striker has a contract until the summer of 2024. However, the Parisian club wants the player to renew or be sold this summer.

The reason? More than clear is that according to the French club, the striker has an agreement with Real Madrid to arrive free to the merengue institution at the end of the next campaign, a situation that in France they do not want to allow and could reach the last consequences to fulfil their mission.

The reason why PSG must sell Mbappé before the start of August

However, the world champion in 2018 has yet to give his arm to twist, and despite having been expelled from the tour of Japan, he does not intend to give in and wants to fulfil his contract.

For its part, the cravings are eaten alive by PSG, which has already received a juicy offer from Saudi Arabia to sell the player for 300 million euros and, in addition, Mbappé is offered a contract for only one year for 700 million euros. This would make him the most expensive signing in history, and he would have the most significant agreement in the sport.

While the offer is on the table, PSG must persuade the striker to leave before August 1; otherwise, they will have to spend more money on the player, and here we explain the situation.

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