Twitch updates its rules to compete with Kick: changes to simultaneous streaming with YouTube


Broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube at the same time is now a legal option. This was announced by the streaming platform in a statement, where they explained that they have decided to change the Terms of Service to make this important change possible. As it could not be otherwise, the company has established a series of mandatory guidelines . This move has been analyzed as a response to competition from Kick, which has entered the business with force.

“In line with the change in our Terms of Service, we now allow simultaneous streaming with any other platform .” According to the company, they believe that this freedom will be positive, although they want to ensure that “the Twitch experience is not compromised.” To do this, they have established the following rules.

What are the rules for streaming on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously?

  • Ensure the quality of your simulcast on Twitch is at least the same as the experience on other platforms or services, including interacting with the Twitch community, such as via chat.
  • You should not provide links or encourage the community to leave Twitch in your simulcast, because we value the community on Twitch and the interaction of this community with users of the platform.
  • Do not use third-party services that mix activities from other platforms or services into your Twitch stream during the simulcast.” It refers, for example, to those functionalities such as chats if these do not work in the Twich ecosystem.

They also warn that failing to comply with these rules may lead to action against the offender.

Twitch’s Spanish website still reflects the previous Terms of Service , which specified “that participating in two streams at the same time may negatively influence the community experience.” For this reason, they decided to ban “director broadcasting on another service similar to Twitch for an extended period of time.”

Some popular streamers such as TheGrefg , who will make an edition of the legendary ‘Un, dos, tres’ , have already announced their interest in using this new possibility. The option is prohibited, of course, for all those who have an exclusive contract.

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